ATM Management

Mint offers end-to-end ATM management, including transaction processing and security and fraud management services.

Key Components

  • Transaction processing, with “on-us” transactions routed directly to the bank
  • All other transactions routed via the domestic switch or international payment scheme
  • Connection, certification and maintenance of gateway services to international card schemes
  • Clearing, reconciliation and settlement
  • Security and fraud management, including key management

Transaction and Intervention Management

Mint combines ATM transaction-processing capabilities with device monitoring and intervention management to ensure maximum network availability.

Mint intelligent intervention tools reduce service costs through more accurate ATM fault detection and resolution.  Our service relationships enable us to help manage and resolve field problems externally without distracting your staff.

Key components

  • Proactive ATM and network monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Full-service level agreement reporting

Self Service Value Chain Integration

Mint provides comprehensive management services across the self-service value chain.  We’ll help with everything from making sure your ATM machines and software are up to date, to providing marketing and signage.


As a single contact for delivery of services, Mint enables you to leverage our buying power and experience under one contract.  We can help reduce costs, optimize cash, improve availability and focus more on core business and customers.

Key Components

  • Procurement and Installation of ATM hardware and software
  • Delivery of all ATM-related services
  • Development and maintenance of ATM software
  • Estate planning and site selection
  • Marketing, signage and site host training
  • Security and alarm systems procurement, certification and monitoring
  • Cash, telecoms and field support services

POS Management

The TPE SELECT System® Server enables secure processing of transactions on TPE. The solution is designed to optimize operating and communication costs.

The TPE Server SELECT System® is multi-protocol: CB2A, ISO8583, SPDH, etc. It provides all necessary functions for the efficient control of a TPE park:

  • Authorization,
  • Remote collection of transactions,
  • Download the opposition list,
  • Tele-setting TPE

It is intended for buyers and offers a wide range of features including:

  • Terminal fleet management
  • Stock management,
  • Tools for rental or sale to merchants,
  • Track maintenance,
  • Monitoring etc.

Embedded Applications

A wide variety of embedded applications on TPE were developed. For example:

  • Pay by Card
  • e-Voucher / E-TopUp
  • Payment of invoices
  • DCC (Dynamic Currency Converter)
  • Money Transfer
  • e-Ticketing
  • Payment of refunds
  • Change

Each Application Terminal incorporates many services and uses a combination of technologies such as:

  • Contactless
  • Biometrics
  • NFC

Kiosk Management

Mint offers end-to-end Kiosk management, including transaction processing and security and fraud management services.

Key Components

  • Transaction processing, with “on-us” transactions routed directly to the bank
  • All other transactions routed via the domestic switch or international payment scheme
  • Connection, certification and maintenance of gateway services to international card schemes
  • Clearing, reconciliation and settlement

Security and fraud management, including key management

E-commerce Payment Gateway

Mint offers its turn-key e-commerce solution to citizens, residents and visitors (G2C), to businesses (G2B), to other government entities (G2G) and to government employees (G2E); in line with our vision of easing the lives of people and businesses.

A powerful, flexible ecommerce platform that drives results for established and emerging enterprises.

  • Built to increase your sales and conversion
  • Enterprise-grade ecommerce in days, not months
  • Manage your business, not your technology

Card Schemes

Mint offers domestic/International card schemes with its in-built value added services, such as remittances, bill payments, Mobile Top-up etc., to support the UAE government initiative of a cashless environment.

With having its own technology platform, distribution channels and strategic tie-ups with all the billers in the market, Mint will be in a suitable position to create a differentiated customer value proposition.

Use of the card is not limited to selected merchants; instead the card can be used to pay for all of the below payments:

  • Utility bill payments
  • Credit card payments
  • RTA fines and charges
  • Any fee to the Ministry
  • Retail purchases
  • Online payments

Debit Solutions

Mint’s debit card processing supports all major debit card brands and provide seamless services across multiple markets.  The program offers optional services for fraud and risk control, management reporting and exception item (chargeback) administration.

Mint Debit Card Processing gives financial institutions a complete solution for cost-effective outsourcing. We support EMV and technical standards required by major card providers globally avoiding investment expense. Value-added services like loyalty programs, data warehouse and analysis services help maximize marketing potential.

Key Components

  • PIN-secured and signature debit processing
  • Contactless processing
  • Business debit card program
  • Debit rewards program
  • Multi-layered online management tools
  • Advanced fraud detection tools

Credit Solutions

Mint offers the ability to efficiently launch, manage, maintain and optimize your credit card and loan programs across multiple countries. You can outsource many of your non-core functions to us while focusing on creating strategies that will allow your consumer finance programs to compete in today’s turbulent market. Our technology is built on industry-leading architecture and provides the scalability to expand your business, and the flexibility to respond rapidly to market demands and business opportunities.

Mint customized credit card processing programs offer single-source convenience. The platform can operate across multiple countries and is fully scalable.

Key Components

  • Bank cards
  • Private label cards
  • Co-branded cards
  • Sharia-compliant cards
  • Account processing
  • Operational services
  • Portfolio tools

Prepaid Solutions

Mint offers the global card processing experience to help financial institutions maximize opportunities within the fast-growing prepaid card market.

The platform offers financial institutions with an affordable turnkey solution for custom-branded prepaid cards, plus comprehensive administrative and cardholder support.  Mint helps meet a broad range of customer needs with a variety of card types.


Mint offers end-to-end service, industry-leading technology and reliability to organizations, a complete managed service for prepaid cards and innovative contactless product types.  Prepaid cards can add value to your organization with a new customer acquisition channel and cross-selling opportunities.

Key Components

  • Supporting:
  • Open loop gift cards
  • General purpose reloadable cards
  • Payroll cards
  • Insurance replacement cards
  • Travel money cards
  • Youth cards
  • Corporate incentives
  • Government benefit cards
  • Account and plastics management

Back office and reporting services

Loyalty Solutions

Mint Loyalty Solutions give you the ability to create and manage innovative loyalty programs to define, reach and reward your best customers. Using our flexible, feature-rich solution, we can customize a loyalty program that fits your needs and helps you recruit, retain and build profitable relationships with your customers.

Loyalty Transaction Processing

Mint Loyalty Solutions offer an advanced transaction processing system for credit, debit, and private label, commercial and prepaid cards. The platform features flexible rules and program management capabilities for all card products.

Mint Advantages

Our flexible loyalty processing platform can manage a variety of different reward programs, including miles, cash-back, points and even hotel nights. Our loyalty expertise and continued program of investment enables us to offer a feature-rich, highly configurable option that meets both simple and complex loyalty needs.

Key Components

  • Point calculation for many behavior and transaction triggers
  • Multi-language and multi-currency functionality
  • Flexible reward options, including miles, cash-back, coupons and merchandise
  • Multiple loyalty programs per card product, customer and client
  • Earning and redemption merchant partner programs support
  • Ability to apply awards to all or a specific customer segment
  • Program financial management, including point funding rates and liability management
  • Multi-channel communications and fulfillment options
  • Loyalty program performance reporting

Value-Added Loyalty Services

Mint offers a range of services that can help make the most of your investment in a loyalty program. In addition to our transaction processing, other options include program design, management and analytics.


Mint Loyalty Solutions provides the flexibility to customize loyalty program to fit customers’ needs.  Mint offers program design, implementation, ongoing program management support, performance and program analysis, communication and rewards fulfillment to help build a complete loyalty program.

Key Components

  • Program design, implementation and management that include factors such as:
  • Program strategy
  • Business case and financial modeling
  • Merchant partner sourcing and management
  • Communication strategy development and production
  • Data analytics solutions that range from simple reporting to predictive modeling

Dynamic Currency Conversion

The Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) product is a secure and compliant new credit card processing solution that provides businesses the ability to offer their international customers the choice to pay in their own currency. With DCC, businesses can accept foreign MasterCard and Visa cards at the point of sale in traditional face-to-face transactions, as well as card-not-present (CNP) environments.

Customers enjoy the added convenience of paying in the card currency of their choice.

In turn, businesses earn additional revenue from conversion fees, all the while providing a higher level of service to their international customers. In a DCC transaction, both the business and customer know precisely the amount of the sale in the chosen currency, which means no more waiting or guessing at conversion rates or fees.

Product Features

  • International credit cardholders pay in their card billing currency
  • For traditional face-to-face and e-commerce businesses
  • Instantly converts price from local currency into chosen currency
  • Business receives same funding had transaction been in local currency
  • Supports 36 global currencies
  • Guaranteed rate of exchange
  • Generates POS receipt that matches cardholder statement
  • Brings in conversion fee revenue
  • Provides a level of reassurance to foreign clients
  • Secure, compliant and fully transparent transactions
Business PartnersClients & Consumers
• Earn additional revenue generated by conversion fees, growing as international
cardholder volume increases
• Eliminate exposure to foreign-exchange-rate risk
• Reduce your total cost of acceptance
• Offset existing association fees directly associated with accepting international
credit cards (i.e., Visa® ISA, MasterCard® ASF and cross-border fees)
• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Attract new customers and win business over competitors
• Make payments in the currency of their choice without hidden charges or fees
• See complete transaction details, matching cardholder statement, with dual
currencies printed on the receipt
• Purchase with full disclosure of the exchange rate being applied to the transaction
• Receive up-to-date rates of exchange based on wholesale Reuter’s rate
• Make educated and informed purchases

If you are interested in establishing one of these prepaid card programs for your organization, please contact us.

If you are interested in establishing one of these prepaid card programs for your organization, please contact us.

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