• Supports communication interface with Point of Sale devices via NAC
  • Supports BIN based transaction Switching / Routing
  • Facilitates interface to Core Banking System
  • Facilitates interface to Authorization Host Systems
  • Supports interface to VISA, MasterCard
  • Supports industry standard message format – ISO 8583
  • Supports interface to Host Security Module (HSM)
  • Supports widely used ERACOM and THALES HSM
  • Supports interface to Card Management Systems
  • Supports provision for Real-time Merchant settlement

Transaction Processing Services

Source & processor for all kind of cashless transactions, either card or account based.  Offers a large payment channels coverage while managing ATMs, Point of sales, mobile banking and Kiosks for 3rd product payment.  Also, manages all kind of cards; prepaid, debit, credit and virtual cards for different acquiring modes contact, contactless, MOTO and Internet.

MINT GATEWAY offers an advanced and competitive processing model tailored to customer needs.  It can be suggested based on cards, ATMs, POS, number of processed authorizations or on a revenue-sharing model.

Card Management System

Mint provides card processing expertise and flexible solutions that are easily integrated into your existing systems and processes. Our Card Management System leverages the strength and breadth of our processing platform with added functionality tailored to the unique authorization, billing and reporting needs of commercial card issuers and business customers. 


The Mint CMS is easy to use and allows corporate clients to integrate their commercial card data into major enterprise resource-planning platforms and accounting systems. The System provides a work-flow based expense management solution, which enables companies to better administer expenses.

Key Components

  • Supports all commercial card types
  • Customizable reports
  • Spend analysis tools to enable negotiation of vendor discounts
  • Better risk control via behavioral analysis through card data
  • 24/7 access to data for corporate administrators and end users
  • Consolidation of data from various geographical areas
  • Expense management platform
  • Web-based application

Accounts and Plastic Management

Mint provides management services for prepaid cards, from design and procurement to personalization and activation.  Our robust program includes secure and fast authorizations, PIN verification and fraud management.


Mint offers rich functionality with services across a range of channels.  We also enable you to integrate our services directly into your system for full access and seamless performance.

Key Components

    • Reloadable or disposable
    • Personalized or non-personalized
    • Denominated or non-denominated
    • Chip and PIN or magnetic stripe
    • Multi-currency and multi-lingual
    • Multi-application
    • Loyalty solutions

Back Office and Reporting

Mint offers IVR and back office support for customer services, fraud management, and dispute and chargeback processing. Our Reporting Suite delivers accurate and timely management information. 


Mint offers you a variety of multi-language customer service options that you can tailor to your individual prepaid program needs.  Our worldwide expertise provides you with highly-reliable service and customizable reporting.

Key Components

  • Web portal
  • Standard reports
  • Tailored reports

Fraud and Risk Management

Mint offers a holistic approach to fraud and risk management with products that are seamlessly integrated into our core processing and operations. Our expertise can limit losses while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We offer technical tools, strategic consultancy and operational services that enable you to stay ahead of emerging trends to effectively manage risk, as well as prevent and reduce fraud.

Business Intelligence

      • A system that is optimized for reporting
      • No need to maintain legacy systems
      • Periodic purging of data from the core processing system
      • Friendly reporting GUI in the form of Oracle BI Publisher, empowering the client users to design their independent reports

Features of Data Mining:

      • Predict/ forecast customer loyalty/attrition
      • Derive customer acquisition strategies
      • Identification of most profitable current and future customers
      • Estimate customer lifetime value
      • Determine micro-segments for targeted marketing
      • Risk Management
      • Prediction of credit card defaulters
      • Optimal credit limit and credit extension determination
      • Fraud detection

Card Production and Print

Mint Card Production and Billing Solutions offer efficient, end-to-end card-issuing for all types of payment card issuers—debit, credit, prepaid and private label. We offer comprehensive products combined with our proven and powerful card transaction processing system. Mint also provides full-service statement outsourcing, which incorporates state-of-the-art design, production and delivery electronically or by mail. Correspondence can be customized and targeted to enhance the brand, increase customer loyalty and boost demand for products and services.

Card Print, Personalization & Mailing

A variety of choices for card production, personalization, mailing cards and delivery channels.

Whether it is credit, debit, prepaid, contactless or private label cards, Mint can provide card personalization, multiple-size card carriers, and cost-effective mailings, tracking and returned mail management.

Mint Advantages

We provide exceptional economies of scale in procurement, fulfillment, activation, lost card and return mail services to save time and money in production, delivery and cardholder support.

Key Components

  • Card personalization solutions
  • Card packaging and delivery
  • Contactless payment devices
  • Alternative product types and delivery channels
  • Procurement, servicing and reporting

If you are interested in establishing one of these prepaid card programs for your organization, please contact us.

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