Today, most suppliers to merchants are facing different challenges, such as logistics of cash handling, theft, risk, high cost of human resources and insurance.

Mint offers Merchant Prepaid Cards to solve this situation, which will help minimize fraud, reduce cash, improve route planning, increase sales, and increase market share with better monitoring and control.


MEPS offers e-Vouchers under different denominations for domestic recharge. The product is available through various distribution channels, such as POS, Kiosk, Mobile and Online.


Top-up is a functionality whereby people can recharge mobile phones of their friends and family. MEPS is in the process of tying-up with a strategic partner to offer this service through their distribution channels. The top-up will be available in any country as required by the user.

Promotion and Prizes

Mint will be launching promotions, such as raffles and draws for customers. The promotion will adopt raffle draws where consumers stand a chance to win cash prizes weekly and grand prizes monthly. We will also have instant cash prizes such as cash back and mobile recharge cards.

If you are interested in establishing one of these prepaid card programs for your organization, please contact us.

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