Company Profile

Mint’s prepaid payment programs allow card issuers to better service their customers. Our key focus is to augment corporate, bank and retailer card programs with prepaid solutions that expand consumer base and deliver new revenue opportunities.
Managed by a team of industry experts, our prepaid programs provide added value via a turnkey solution to enable our clients to:

Retain and better serve your customers
Improve your offering and bottom line
Deliver programs that enable consumers to ‘do more’ via a prepaid card program
Provide credit card issuers with “we never say no” capabilities creating growth opportunities, and positioning prepaid to augment your market offering

Mint’s flexible suite of prepaid financial services products responds to today’s market challenges. Mint designs, packages, delivers and manages specialized MasterCard® and Visa® branded payment programs for global acceptance and utility for credit card issuers, retailers, and member associations with large consumer bases.
Each partner program enjoys a fee sharing agreement with Mint, which varies depending on individual contract requirements and risk/reward drivers.

Mint earns revenue from each program it manages from both fixed and variable sources including activation fee, recurring monthly fee, load fee, ATM fee, Money remittance commission and interchange fees.

Board of Directors

Pierre Gagnon

Vishy Karamadam
President and CEO

Sam Webster

Ashish Kapoor

Graeme Johnson

Neil Gilday

Registrar/Transfer Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada


Beard Winter LLP (Legal)

MNP LLP (Auditors)